Co-Creation Manifestation 2023

about this event

Reignite Your Co-Creative Flow to Fuel Your Year Ahead!

For aspiring, expecting, or couples with newborns supporting yourselves and each other on your transformative journey.

Through this two-hour workshop, you and your partner are invited to Reset and Rejuvenate as you Reignite the co-creative flow to fuel your greatest ambitions for the year ahead. 

Breathwork | Somatic Connection | Energy Clearing, Synchronization, & Restoration | Embodiment Meditation

This workshop is for you if… 

You desire:

  •   Deeper connection with each other
  •     Alignment of your ambitions and passions
  •     Integration of your creative energies

You want to leave with:   

  •     A greater connection to self and each other
  •     More clarity on what you need and want
  •     Optimism to begin the new year with a greater vitality

This is not:     

  •      A relationship coaching event – although your relationship will benefit   
  •      A class on intimacy – although non-verbal communication can be super intimate!  
  •      A pregnancy, birth, and postpartum workshop – although we are holding space for this journey.  

Your Facilitators:

Julie Sanders, founder of Awakening Mother – Holistic birth and postpartum doula functional and dynamic movement specialist, yoga, and meditation teacher, sound healing facilitator, and rites-of-passage celebrant

Kara Laudenslager, founder of Radically Whole – Transformational coach, Brennan Healing Science energy practitioner, and massage therapist. 

Shiva, founder of Sage Somatic – Holistic health practitioner, somatic healing, and massage therapist.