Chado: ethic of the guest and host in tea ceremony with Nessin Cohen

about this event

In its essence, the practice of tea is not as much a very formal practice as it sharpens our perception of what formality means. This meditation will focus on what it means to be a guest in the Way of Tea, away from the intimidating word “ceremony”.

We hope that you can share tea with us, practice Chado tea etiquette of the guest and experience together how it can enrich our daily lives.

This moment is meant to last 90 minutes

With a tea ceremony, time for practice and time for discussion

Nessim Cohen is a ceramist, tea artist and calligrapher currently residing in Paris, France. 

His performances and lectures approach the world of tea with a peculiar attention to the relations between ethic and aesthetic. 

His works and performances question our incorporation of eastern practices in our daily lives to enrich them without loosing their meaningfulness. He seeks what is universally shared, in the community of tea, across borders and tastes.