Celestial New Moon Sound Healing Journey

about this event

Sun June 2nd 8:00 -9:30 pm
Oraya Movement
This Sunday please join me, Taylor Barnes and guest sound healers for an intimate evening of tuning into the celestial energies of the powerful New Moon in Gemini in a beautiful, 360 fully immersive 3D visual projection experience at ORAYA Movement.

This incredible space provides the deepest meditative experience with surround visuals of nature and moving fractal sacred geometry patterns that will recalibrate your mind, body and soul back to original settings. These geometrical archetypes reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonance.

A very powerful New Moon is upon us which is perfect for manifesting especially as it pertains to speaking things into existence, clearing communication blocks and expressing your truth and heart’s desires to the universe and to your close relationships. Clear conscious communication requires neutral thought, deep listening and dropping from the mind to the heart so our words can touch the heart of the universe.

New Moons in general, are an excellent time to set intentions for new seeds to be nurtured and supported with the stellar energies over the next couple of weeks. In order to fully align with these celestial tidings, receive the light codes and upgrades the universe has in store for us, we invite you on a powerful healing journey for an intentional evening of co-creating your heart’s desires and creating balance and harmony within.

Additionally, for this journey you will enter a cosmic womb where you are surrounded by Sound Healers creating sound healing journey created by Alchemy Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Didgeridoo and other rare instruments. You will be guided in ancient rare meditations and breathwork to clear your vessel and allow new light codes to enter and recode you through sacred sounds, light, visuals and Reiki Energy Healing.

Benefits of Sound Healing:
Stress Management, Greater Peace & Relaxation, Reduce Anxiety/panic disorders, Strengthen Immune & Nervous System, Detoxification, Balance Chakras, Release Blocked Energy, Eliminate Fears and Phobias, Breaking Subconscious Thought Forms, Increased Creativity, Personal Growth, Harmonious Relationships, Happiness & Joy, Heart Expansion

What to Bring:
Small blanket, water bottle , sacred Items to charge with sound current (picture, crystal, mala, etc…),yoga mats (although there are plenty there as well), Eye Masks (highly recommended).

Address & Parking:
8155 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90048
Street Parking plentiful on Beverly and adjacent streets.

*Please arrive 15 minutes prior to get settled.
*Early registration is highly recommended for this event due to space capacity.

Feel free to contact us directly at shehera@anahataholistichealing.com with any questions you may have. We look forward to sharing this magical evening with all of you. <3

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