Celestial Full Moon Sound Healing Journey

about this event

Please join us for an intimate evening in the comfort of your own home tuning into the celestial energies of this Full Moon.

Join us for a deeply relaxing and transformative virtual gathering to harness the energies of this powerful moon together. You can drift off to sleep right after the sound bath and wakeup refreshed and revived. Replays will be available for 72 hours after in case you missed the live recording.

To help you make the most of these magical, creative, and loving vibrations, we have curated a powerful ceremonial sound healing journey with a meditation, intention setting ritual and sealed with an hour long sacred sound frequencies.

For this journey you will experience the magic and healing medicine of Alchemy Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Didgeridoo and other rare instruments as we guide you in ancient rare meditations and breathwork to clear your vessel and allow new light codes to enter and recode you through sacred sounds, light and Reiki Energy Healing.

Benefits of Sound Bath/Healing:

Stress Management

Greater Peace & Relaxation

Reduce Anxiety/panic disorders

Strengthen Immune & Nervous System


Balance Chakras

Release Blocked Energy

Eliminate Fears and Phobias

Breaking Subconscious Thought Forms

Increased Creativity

Personal Growth

Harmonious Relationships

Happiness & Joy

Heart Expansion


Create sacred space (maybe light some candles, incense…)




Sacred items to charge with the sounds (crystals, sacred objects, mementos etc.)

Headphones (quality of sound is best with headphones or if you have good speakers… computer speakers are not ideal for highest quality sound output)

Sacred Items to Charge with Sound Current (picture, crystal, mala, etc…)

Energy Exchange – $25

**If you cannot attend live, you can watch at a later time for up to 72 hours after the event.