Care for the Hands and Wrists

about this event


Our hands do so much for us, and a surprising amount of tension can be stored there. 

As a massage therapist as well as a potter, Sarah Stabe (of @sarah.stabe.ceramics) works with her hands constantly, and has a unique understanding of the importance of hand and wrist care. As a yoga instructor, Kaia Placa (@kaiaplaca) is frequently asked by students how they can support their hands and wrists through practice, as soreness in the area is a common result. We have teamed up to bring you a free virtual offering on hand and wrist care. 

Sarah will use her understanding of anatomy and massage to guide us through some gentle stretches and massages for the hands, which Kaia will build on by guiding us through some mudras, which are symbolic hand postures found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, and are often integrated into yoga and meditation practices. They may be considered, in a sense, meaningful yoga poses for the hands. 

This virtual offering will be here on Instagram live, Saturday August 27th, at 11:00am PST. This will fall two days after Sarah.stabe.ceramic’s latest pottery drop, Wednesday August 24th, 6:00pm PST. Mark your calendar’s for both – and perhaps welcome a new, handmade vessel in to your freshly cared for hands. 🖐 🍵