Calming the Nervous System – Breathwork and Meditation with Jason Mulligan

about this event

As the days shorten in the Northern hemisphere, we take the cue to slow down and go inward. Drawing inspiration from the words of David Whyte, who wrote so beautifully in his poem ‘Sweet Darkness’: 

Time to go into the dark

where the night has eyes

to recognize its own.

In this three-part series, I offer you accessible, simple techniques designed to help you calm your nervous system and prepare for deep rest. Join all three if you can for maximum value, but know you will leave with at least one technique you can implement right away by attending any one of these three sessions. 

  • In session one, I’ll begin by sharing my best tips to help you optimize your practice, prepare your space, and sit comfortably for at least 30 minutes. Then, I’ll guide you in a brief body scan meditation and teach you Prana Apana, a subtle but powerful pranayama technique. 
  • In session two, we’ll briefly review the key points from part one before I help you settle into your body and prepare for meditation. Then, I’ll teach you the technique Alom Vilom and guide you through pranayama-based meditation. 
  • In session three, we’ll review Prana Apana and Alom Vilom followed by a brief body scan meditation. After that, I’ll be sharing Sukha Shunya breath technique. We’ll close with a guided pranayama practice that you can apply immediately as a daily set to prepare for deep rest before bed. 

Meet Your Instructor

Jason Mulligan is a father, husband, Veteran, heart-centric business leader, meditation teacher, personal evolution coach, and student of yoga and tea. Professionally, Jason is the President of Botanicals & Dietary Supplement Testing at Eurofins Scientific. Jason is an engineering graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and earned a Master’s degree from Oxford University. He served as a US Army Officer and is a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for leadership in combat, among other awards earned during his ten years of military service. After leaving the Army, Jason co-founded a CrossFit gym and pursued advanced training in kettlebell exercise and Olympic Weightlifting before embarking on an immersive path into Sattva Yoga. Jason has successfully healed physical, psychological, and emotional injuries stemming from his year-long deployment in the historic Battle of Ramadi, Iraq through meditation, yoga, and tea. He is committed to a harmonious, healthful lifestyle as a student of nature’s wisdom and aspiring role model for his children. He teaches meditation and coaches individuals seeking soulful personal evolution guidance.  

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Living Tea engages the traditional practices of the Way of Tea to live this modern life with more intention, attention, and tranquility.Led by principles of Zen and Tao meditation, Eastern practices of health and vitality, and the cycles of our natural world, Living Tea shares all the tools and practices for exploring the Way of Tea. From simple, silent tea meditation to the energizing community of tea ceremony, experience the profound beauty and connection of this ancient practice. Let us show you the way at