Cacao Ceremony

about this event

Gather with the medicine of Cacao, a partner healing tool, to support you in an expansive expereince of self. Together we will enter the Quantum Relm to co-create an expereince of magic and connection.

About Cacao: I use pure Guatemala criollo cacao from Keiths Cacao at Lake Atitlan. It is lightly roasted and hand peeled, ensuring only the best and cleanest beans are used, and hand packed by cacao students. Because of the high theobromine, this cacao will give you a body centric experience, never jittery or over caffeinated, and allows for deep inner travel. It is a product made with pure love!!

Things to know:

1. Please bring a cushion or something to sit on so you are comfortable.

2. Certain anti depressants can react negativity with cacao. Please notify if you are currently taking any MOAI medications.

3. It’s best not to eat a large meal before consuming ceremonial cacao.

4. Bring a vessel for water. We will be able to refill and staying hydrated when drinking cacao matters!

About: Erin has spent almost 20 years working in the shamanic healing and awakening arts. She officially serves as an intuitive mentor/guide, human design reader, musician and cacao medicine woman. Through her offerings, she calls on the divine, the quantum and the miracle realm to bless, awaken and initiate those called to a grounded mystical path.

My cacao journey: For the last 5 years I have facilitated cacao ceremonies all over the world, from Europe to Southeast Asia to Australia for thousands of people. I work with meditation, healing, music, magic and the quantum field in my ceremonies. It is my greatest honor to hold space for the cacao spirit and its assistance in your personal unfolding.

Tickets will be 45 dollars day-of, or at the door. Please secure your early bird ticket ASAP to know how much cacao to make.