Cacao Ceremony + Sound Healing with SARA

about this event

Join us Thursday February 23rd for an evening of healing led by Gaia Nomaya founder SARA. Cacao helps us connect to the natural world and has been used as a ceremonial beverage in indigenous communities for centuries. SARA will lead us through a journey of heart opening and connection, beginning with Cacao Ceremony and leading into a Sound Healing experience. 

Ticket Includes:

  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Sound Healing 
  • Discussion 
  • Blue Lotus Tea

About SARA

Originally from Colombia, SARA found cacao at a very young age thanks to her family traditions but it was only when she arrived in New York that she found called to work with this medicinal plant. Hearing the call to keep her ancestors alive, she also discovered the power of yoga at a young age and almost right away decided to share that magic with the world.

By acknowledging her inner teacher, it was a way she encourages others to show up for themselves and find their own inner teacher.

She believes there are multiple ways to heal the body mind and spirit and that’s why she’s committed to keeping ancient practices and traditions like cacao ceremonies, pranayama, and medicine music as part of her offerings. She deeply believes in music as medicine and breath as a long-lasting elixir of life.

Being a Certified actress, singer, performer, and designer, SARA draws upon a rich educational and cultural heritage to connect and art as a way to communicate with the divine, transmute and elevate the being. 

She has taught yoga all over the world in countries such as Spain , Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia. 

She is one of the founders and creators of Gaia Nomaya and teaches vinyasa yoga there, as well as breath work, sound meditations, and facilitates cacao ceremonies. She deeply believes Teaching, sound medicine, and ceremony are Blessings of Service.