Cacao Ceremony Light Language Activation Sound Bath + Kundalini Yoga

about this event

Some of the Benefits Include:  

– Strengthening the Nervous and Glandular System – Mental Clarity – Releases toxins from the cells of the body – Releases energetic and emotional blockages – Deep Relaxation – Chakra Balancing – Feeling of Unity: Oneness – Amazing Beings including Humans.


The Moon rules our emotions which brings forth the opportunity of greater awareness.

We have a massive portal of assistance from the divine assisting us in clearing the path and helping us release any baggage we may be carrying that may be holding us back. Around this time many of us may also feel anxious, uncertain, restless, easily irritated and extra sensitive. Whatever that needs to be healed will re-surface. Journal and/or practice self-care rituals. Meditate. If things don’t work accordingly to planned try not to chase or force things to happen. Think of it as Divine Intervention…”Vibrate the Cosmos” 

First Portion: of the Gathering – Intention Sharing Circle + Cacao Ceremony

– Light Language Activation and Dance

– There is a meditation that is practiced only on the New Moon the Full Moon or 11 days after the New Moon. We must have at least 11 beings holding the circle to practice. This meditation sends a tremendous amount of healing to those in the circle, around the circle, distant healing including (past, present, future). 

2nd Portion: -Sound Bath 45 Minutes – Closing Circle 

Instruments such as Planetary Tuned Gongs, Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls, Plant Frequencies and our voices will be used for deep relaxation.