Building Intimacy with our Feelings – Women’s Circle Series (Session 2)

about this event

Since the very beginning of the pandemic, I have been in awe of how this collective experience is both allowing and forcing us to feel deeply. To be with our feelings with way fewer distractions than usual.

In some ways, the current circumstances have given us the needed space to feel the full range of emotions – “good” and “bad”, joyful and overwhelming.

Uncertainties in multiple levels of our lives, combined with the movement for Black lives and reflections on our role in systemic racism, seem to be pushing against the edges of our emotional capacity.

In this 3-part women’s circles series, we’ll explore:

  • the nature of our relationship with our feelings
  • how to expand our capacity to be with and learn from emotions
  • what emotional balance really means and how to get there


Our feelings can be powerful allies, helping us understand our needs better. Once we are able to see our feelings as separate from the stories we carry about them, we become capable of listening to the messages they have for us.

In this session, we will practice sitting with feelings we might be denying, neglecting or avoiding.

What happens when you give them a voice?

What are they trying to show you?