Breathwork with the Feminine Mysteries of Love, Sex and Justice

about this event

Inanna is a powerful Mesopotamian goddess strongly associated with love, beauty, sex, war, justice, and political power.

The story of Inanna is an archetypal story that exists within you.

You may have experienced a dark night of the soul, perhaps a heartbreak or the loss of a career.

If so, then this workshop is for you.

Joanna Baron calls this breathwork workshop “Inanna’s descent” ⚡ because every great leader and creative in history has had to descend and be stripped of their ego selves in order to rise to their full power.

Inanna’s descent is the archetypal heroic journey into the underworld to meet with the soul self.

Inanna’s story is within your DNA as a human being, and this breathwork workshop can unlock transformative evolution within you.

⋆ We never truly know ourselves until we are stripped of all of our superficial attachments⋆

Inanna’s descent is a map for divine feminine healing where we initiate ourselves through the dark cave of the Goddess,

..…rebirthing as more whole and soul-aligned versions of ourselves into the light.

Our breathwork journey will dive into pivotal experiences of your life and interpret them to uncover your primary gift and destiny.

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In this workshop, you will…

+ Participate in a powerful breathwork practice and Connect with the feminine energies of love, sex, and justice

+ Decode your life’s gift and highest destiny

+ Understand how your personal hardships contain the roadmap to your highest timeline

+ Rise above your circumstances to see the larger story of your life

Our Guide ⫸

Joanna Baron is the founder of the Baroness Institute.

She helps people crystallize their inner genius and bring their legacy to life using archetypes, non-ordinary states of consciousness, Kundalini Yoga, and shadow alchemy. People who work with her regularly report experiencing high magic, creativity, and synchronicities.

Love for Joanna ⫸

“Joanna helped me get to a place where I could hold my inner child as the parent she needed without feeling terrified of her pain. Today I feel so energized and clear like my nervous system is finally resetting to a place of balance. The musical journey was breathtaking. Wow!”—Holly G, Intuitive Healer

“Working with Joanna taught me that I have tremendous gifts to offer others and I’m adept at meeting people where they are and presenting information in an accessible, digestible way. Now I know my true identity and am taking the long view about my legacy. I have profound clarity going forward.”— Elizabeth Ewanchuk

Your Host ⫸

Jenner Linden | Renowned Business Coach and the Creatix of The Wild Ones, a membership portal + sacred community for seekers to heal deeper, expand their consciousness, and transform their lives.

Jenner’s approach to life and business is, well… radical. Combining secret business hacks with modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom has helped her (and her clients) create a wildly successful brand that resonates with thousands of people who attend her live events each month.

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