about this event

The highest feeling we can cultivate for ourselves is Self-Love. By loving and accepting ourselves fully we are able to love and accept other people the same way and create a strong foundation for making healthy life choices, claiming our worth and moving through fear of being seen and heard.

In the week of Valentine’s day, you are invited to use the power of your breath to let go of old narratives, limiting beliefs and fears, gain clarity about your love life and eventually fall in love with yourself.

Breathwork is an active breathing meditation which uses a two-part breathing pattern and a carefully curated music playlist to facilitate emotional, mental and physical transformation. We’ll end with tea where you can mingle with Clarissa and other guests.

We will provide yoga mats however participants are welcome to bring a blanket, an eye pillow and wear several warm layers of comfortable clothing for optimal coziness. It’s recommended to not to eat 1.5 hours before the workshop starts.

Interested in learning more about breathwork?