Breathwork for Connection

about this event

Take some time to reconnect with each other.

This workshop is for all relationships, not just romantic ones. Bring your bestie, roommate, parent/child, family member, or romantic partner. The time spent together is a great way to deepen and strengthen your bond and appreciation for one another.

Breathwork for Connection will be a 1.5-hour online workshop using breathing techniques, meditation, and transformational breathwork to help strengthen your relationship with each other.

I know folks have been spending more time together than usual during the pandemic, but how much of that time is actually focused on each other? Sometimes, I sit on the couch next to my partner, and I realized that I haven’t even looked at them for several hours. I’ve just been hypnotized by my computer screen and phone.

When two individuals are together, a third entity exists which, is the relationship. This time will help you strengthen this third element while simultaneously speaking to the needs of each individual in the partnership. 

In the time we will spend together, there will be moments of reflection for the individual and the unit, meditation, breathing techniques practiced as a unit, transformational breathwork, and ending with a guided meditation.

There will be a worksheet with tools provided for you to take home so that you can continue to strengthen the relationship.