Breathwork for Alchemizing Anxiety

about this event

This restorative healing breathwork group, facilitated by Aria Diana, is designed to help you discharge nervous energy and purge anxious thoughts from mind and body. Breathwork is an active meditation practice that can help facilitate the release of heavy emotions, creating more inner lightness and freedom. To prepare for the session, gather an eye mask, blankets and pillows. Make a cozy nest or fort on the floor. It’s good to be close to the earth at this time and temperatures can fluctuate pretty wildly with the active breathing technique, so prepare a cozy space where you’ll be warm, feel safe, and can lay down and not be interrupted for ~60 minutes. Light candles, burn incense, throw on a kimono, make some herbal tea, find some crystals or stones to hold, and whatever else brings you comfort. Avoid eating a large meal or consuming sugar or alcohol before this experience.

This event is held digitally over Zoom. No experience with breathwork or meditation needed. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded & a laptop charged so you can set it up next to you. You’ll also want to have Spotify available; I will share a link to a playlist which we’ll all press play on together simultaneously. If you don’t have Spotify, you can queue up any other relaxing music to play on your own speakers during the session.