Breathwork & Breakthrough

about this event

 Come and breathe your stress away and establish a deep connection to yourself
90 Minute Breathwork Session

Why Breathwork?

  • Shift the way you relate to your body
  • Stop suppressing your emotions & have a healthy way to release
  • Destroy the “hustling for your worth” model
  • Unearth the part of you that needs love, healing, and transcend your bodies​
  • Find lightness, a sense of ease and peace to flood your system
  • Feel alive, happy, joy & not numb
  • No more external dependencies for happiness
  • Build permanent safety so we aren’t addicted to externalities
  • Get high off your own supply


  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Learn your full range of emotionality
  • Get to know yourself at your core being
  • Understand your life purpose
  • Open the flow of your life and access your innate magic
  • Get in touch with your intuitive abilities
  • Understand when you have “emotional” build-up
  • Up-level your creativity
  • Naturally balance your chakras Learn what it means to be energetically in alignment Shift your beliefs at a core level
  • Learn how to observe instead of identify with your thoughts
  • Get out of your head and into your body
  • Become more decisive
  • Learn when your body is telling you to set boundaries
  • Let go of old stories are start creating new ones that SERVE you
  • Work with your thoughts instead of against them
  • Become a master manifestor & start creating the life that you want
  • Turn your fears into acts of courage Catapult your growth by leaning into your triggers
  • Understand the visceral “yes” & “no” in your body
  • Integrate the power of breath in your everyday life
  • Appreciate & Love your body #bodylove
  • Learn how to become your own healer