Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy & Unhappy Relationships

about this event

In this FREE Workshop, Dating & Relationship Coach & Author of “The Secret Method To Conscious Love”, Angela N. Holton, will share with you valuable tools to understand why you may sabotage healthy & happy relationships and continually choose the same unhealthy relationship over and over again.

Dating and relationships today can be extremely tough. They can be confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. And add a global pandemic to it.

But relationships are highly sensitive and are the cornerstone to our lives. They affect every other area of your life. So, if you continue to attract unhappy relationships and unhealthy partners, your physical, emotional health, work, and routine can be significantly affected.

In order to attract the right partner and create healthy relationships, we need to be keenly aware of our relationship patterns and break the negative cycle. Even with your greatest efforts, do you often enter into the same relationship with a different face time and time again? Or do your relationships all begin and end the same. Or do you constantly choose the relationship that leaves you unhappy and ignore the potentially “good” ones?

It’s easy to point fingers and blame our partners for our relationship failures but taking full accountability and ownership of your relationships will give you the power to make different decisions and create the relationship you desire.

During this eye-opening Workshop, you will learn 5 key behaviors that may be keeping you in pain and feeling frustrated, stuck, dejected, and confused about love and relationships, as well as teach you the cures to changing the health and outcome of your relationships. So that you get more of what you want.