Books & Baubles

about this event

The Seeing Place is honoring its upcoming production of ANIMAL FARM by hosting a once in a lifetime event:

BOOKS & BAUBLES, in a beautiful studio overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle.

This unique sale will allow you to get gently used books for just $3-$5 and jewelry from famed designer Jane Gordon ( Proceeds will go to support TSP’s theatrical presentation of George Orwell’s famous story, adapted by Brandon Walker.

Books available will include plays, biographies, books on psychology and business, classic novels and more.

Event will include improvised entertainment, with “dramatic readings” of books available for sale.


Jane Gordon’s Studio
240 Central Park South, Studio 11M
New York, NY 10019




Free to attend (ticket required.) Individual books will be $3 for paperback, $5 for hardcover, or $20 for a bag of books. Jewelry will be offered at a competitive rate. Mimosas will be served for just $5 each, or receive a free mimosa when you buy a bag of books or any piece of jewelry.