Befriending Yourself: The Art & Practice of Self-Compassion

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Befriending Yourself: The Art & Practice of Self-Compassion

When going through tough times, whether it’s facing financial challenges or relationship issues, self-compassion can become a precious tool for coping with stressful and unsettling situations.

“Self-compassion entails being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate rather than ignoring our pain or flagellating ourselves with self-criticism.” – Dr. Kristin Neff.

Petra will introduce you to the following self-compassion practices:

  • How to befriend yourself, make yourself feel safe, and have your own back.
  • Observe your thoughts and let go of judgment about yourself and your emotions.
  • Give yourself unconditional support.
  • Practice deep breathing and labeling your thoughts.
  • Understand the importance of speaking your truth and allowing yourself to be YOU – unconditionally.

You’ll experience the ability to:

  • Let go of judgment about yourself and your emotions.
  • Practice mirror work.
  • Give yourself unconditional support.
  • Self-compassion exercise: Journaling.
  • Self-Compassion Exercise: Deep breathing and labeling.

Create a peaceful place.

During the workshop, you’re encouraged to make yourself comfortable and turn your space into a little “sanctuary.”

Make sure you are unplugged from other electronic devices, and your phone is turned off.

Peace and quiet are so important when carving out time for ourselves and tuning in to the moment.

You’ll learn ways to increase your self-love and compassion.

Research shows that self-compassion is linked to our well-being and is very beneficial for reductions in stress, perfectionism, shame, anxiety, depressive moods, and disordered eating.

Learn the foundation for increasing life satisfaction, optimism, body appreciation, hope, and gratitude.

By implementing what you’ll learn during the workshop, you might notice – over time – having a much gentler and kinder relationship with yourself.

You may experience a greater sense of ease and calm by replacing the negative and punitive inner dialogue with one that is loving, compassionate and supportive.

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About Petra Beumer

Petra Beumer is a mindful living expert with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and over two decades of counseling and health promotion experience. Her passion is to help her clients practice good physical and emotional self-care.

Petra has a beautiful passion for assisting others in living an authentic life, speaking their truth from the heart, and standing in their own light.

Petra’s prescription for wellness is: “To love yourself deeply, to honor your boundaries, to speak your truth and to be YOU, unapologetically.”

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