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Calling all Divine Feminine Leaders, Wild Women, Yogini’s, Tantricas, Goddess Lovers, and Coaches who’ve been paving the way or just might be getting started but in full empowerment and ready to take ACTION. This is a sacred invitation. Whether you just had the inkling or have always dreamed of becoming an author, a collaborative book is a powerful stepping stone to ignite your passion, share your story, and grow your following! Join us for a special evening LIVE where we will discuss the upcoming Book with the Founder of Publishing House and how you can be the next Best-Selling Author! Have you ever dreamed of getting published but don’t know how? Here is your Golden Ticket! 

Stories of the Goddess is for women willing to be part of a powerful collaboration with other Feminine leaders willing to work in harmony to create, promote, and expand your list with the impact of this sacred book. If you have connected with the Goddess, work with, heal with or walk the path of the Priestess and are ready to share your story and connect with your community more deeply, this book will magnetize your clients. If you are open to getting featured on podcasts, summits, and media, this project is for you to step up, stop hiding, and step into the spotlight. 

Join the US for an evening where you can learn more about becoming a Best Selling Author in our Collaborative Book. To see all the books we are curating, you can read the recent interview: Sept. 11th at 2 pm EST, email to RSVP.

This is a fully supported creative and self-expression journey. The huge benefits include connections with fellow authors, the transformative process of writing your chapter, and the well-positioned and unique marketing that helps authors stand out and attract many opportunities simply by sharing their story and the book. At the same time, you’re plugged into an amazing community of women where you walk away as an Authority in your Field and a Bestselling Author. 

This is a sacred opportunity for you to share your Chapter infused with your magic, purpose, and creativity with the world. Taking this opportunity will elevate your business in a highly aligned way, positioning you as an expert in your field. This creates a win-win for everyone. This is Golden for someone who’s not ready to invest $20-30k to publish your Book. Let’sLet’s face it. You may not have the time or know how to hold space to write your Book for a year! Becoming an author in a multi-author book is a good stepping stone for your success. What’s Included:

-Guidance on how to write*

-Personal Guidance and Support

-Your Exclusive Chapter 

-One full page in the Book, dedicated to your bio, picture + one link

-Professional editing of your Chapter by an expert editor

-Final proofreading of your Chapter

-Formatting for Kindle and paperback

-Cover design by a professional designer

-International Publishing

-Sisterhood and Support

-Promo materials to empower and support you as an Author

-Promo banner on your website and social media


-Scheduled Live Zoom Calls for LIVE real-time Support

-Launch Party Event on March 11th Launch day!

-Office Hours for questions

We expect to receive multiple applications for this Book, and contributor spots are limited. 

So be sure to send an email to to RSVP.

JAI MA, JAI MA…”To that Goddess who is established in all beings in the form of the mother, in the form of power (Shakti), in the form of peace (Shanti), salutations to Her again and again” (From the Devi Mahatmyam)

Here are what the authors are saying:

“Radhaa and the team were there to support me through the whole process. This was an opportunity for me to tell my story and my truth! I remember just how rewarding it was that I was gifted with a beautiful rainbow in the Heavens the next morning after turning in my Chapter. I knew my efforts and healing through writing were liberated and freed that day thus going forward.” – Y’Shell Esta.

“Radhaa Publishing House is currently curating books to help guide humanity and raise consciousness. A remembering of who we are and why we are on this earth at this present time. I believe these books will help future generations to understand what happened during the great awakening of humanity and how their ancestors helped restore heaven on earth and bring in the golden age.” – Blossom Rountree, Oklahoma.

“I am deeply grateful to Radha Publishing House; it has been an honor for me to be part of this wonderful project. I recognize firsthand the need on a collective level for creative sources that touch on these essential topics to connect with our spiritual identity and divine essence. Thank you for your transformative collaboration in this New Era.” – Yarimar Valle Andújar, Florida

“I highly recommend working with Radhaa Publishing House. They are an incredible team fully vested in publishing and leaving a legacy of stories about people who have experience in a multi-dimensional world that many are now awakening to.” – Raziel Arciega, California.

“I am so excited to be published in a book from Radhaa Publishing House because we share the same vision. I believe the timing is ripe to get these types of stories out into mainstream media. Through the many talented writers, who are courageously sharing their incredible “out of this world” stories, during this amazing time when humanity is ready to be re-awoken to the truth that lies within us all. I’m happy, honored and truly blessed to have this opportunity to share my story “through the written word” to inspire and uplift others along their own courageous journey to self-discovery. May we all pass the torch to enlighten one another, through our shared truths, speaking from our hearts and co-collaborating for unity consciousness.” – Lori Roddey, Florida.

“I felt excited working on this project! So supported and cheered on! I was really grateful to have my Chapter sent back a few times with the request to tighten it up. It made me polish it, question every word, and as a result,, a much better piece came out. I wish someone had done that for me in my previous memoir piece!” – Arrameia, Prague.

“Radhaa Publishing House guided me and helped me reach in and see “the story” hiding within and behind the words. They helped me trust my truth and speak to the seed that brought my life of awakening to pass. My writing Coach, Maya the Shaman, ( )worked with me to take me deep, and I had many moments of tears as I peeled back the layers. I rewrote the story numerous times before I got to the version that was published. I was forever changed by the experience of publishing with Radhaa Publishing House. As we got to hear one another and inspire one another along the way, the group dynamic was super supportive and truly inspiring.” – said Stasia Bliss, New Mexico.

“Visibility was a big piece of me coming out of the spiritual closet and I felt that Radhaa Publishing House holds a high energy and integrity level. Both of which are important for lightworkers and starseeds and our message. Radhaa Publishing House created this wonderful opportunity for many others to see. I felt that they put their whole heart into making this happen even before, during, and after. It was a project that was totally supportive and made me feel safe to share myself and my story.” – Lalitha, Turkey.

With Gratitude, RPH Team