beats + breathwork, vol. 4

about this event

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Every fourth Sunday join us for a beats + breathwork event open to the entire community, including People of Color, White allies, and any kind, loving soul wanting to be in community. Breathwork is an “active” meditation that invites us into expanded states of consciousness, allowing us to surface and release stuck emotions and energies in the body. This practice opens up opportunities for us to:

  • Alleviate physical pain, stress, and anxiety
  • Cultivate a greater sense of joy, freedom, and self-love
  • Connect deeper into our physical and spiritual bodies

This specific approach to breathwork has been adapted from breathing (pranayama) practices from the larger yogic tradition. Our healing work will be set against a backdrop of beautiful, self-affirming, and sometimes political music, spanning across soul, funk, Latin, African, and other genres. Playlists will be available on Apple Music and Spotify after the class so you can continue the work at home!

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* Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and we’ll start promptly at 11:35 a.m.*

class format | what to bring

We’ll kick things off with introductions and intentions, a guided meditation, and then move into two rounds of breathwork and group sharing. We’ve got the beats and breathwork covered (and light snacks!), all you need is a yoga mat, pillow, and eye mask. If you don’t have an eye mask, a washcloth will do. I would also encourage you to bring a blanket, as your body temperature may change during the breathing work. A few optional items to consider – your favorite healing stones or crystals, a water bottle, and a journal.

ongoing support

It’s hard to know what will come up during our time together. In addition to group processing at the end of class, I offer one free coaching session to all new and returning attendees. Please reach out for more details.

word on the street…

Here’s what people are saying about the last beats + breathwork event:

  • “Incredible experience! Will definitely be back =)”
  • “I’ve already recommend it! Amazing facilitator! Amazing experience!”
  • “Spectacular experience! Amazing job making us beginners feel comfortable in a new space. Excited for more beats and breath work exercises!”

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