Beach Breathwork :: Moving Through Judgement

about this event

Judgements harden us. They keep us stuck in our stories. They keep us uninspired, spewing in our own games. They keep us playing small, holding onto things that are not as important as the real story itself. And yet, we can be so spun in our own judgements, or stuck in pointing judgement and blame at someone else, that we hold ourselves back from living the rest of our lives. When we are holding onto judgement creativity lacks, motivation for real change falls, and we remain stagnant in a place that we never really wanted to be in the first place. 

We are back with a force this month for Beach Breathwork :: Moving Through Judgement. Examining where we could soften around our harsh accusations, where we could look in the mirror, where we could let go of the judgement we hold of ourselves so that we could open to so much more, that is what this workshop will dive into. Once we have claimed what we know to claim, we will lay down for breathwork meditation, let our hearts open, and see if we can move through old judgements and start to look at the truth beneath them. 

What is Breathwork :: 

Breathwork is a 2-step active breathing technique that moves stagnant energy in the body. This practice can leave you feeling cracked open and more ready to  step into your life as your authentic, natural self. If you’re not familiar with Breathwork and interested in learning more, I’ve written a few articles about Breathwork here:

What to bring:

– yourself, and your open mind

– TWO blankets (one to lay on and one for over you)

– an eye pillow if you have one

– Dress comfortably

*All Beach Breathwork circle’s are subject to weather.