Beach Breathwork :: Holding Space for Yourself

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Holding Space for Yourself 

The holidays are over, and we are officially well into this new year. No matter what happened, no matter what was beautiful and joyous, and what was triggering and difficult, you made it. The new year is always a time of reflection, of goal setting, and figuring out how you want to move forward. So now that we’re a few weeks into this new decade of life and through much of the frenzy, let’s take a look at all that you are in need of holding for yourself, what you are in need of doing for yourself to feel set-up for success. Understanding how to hold yourself, the container in which your body thrives, is imperative to be able to create the life you want to be living. It all comes down to caring for you. 

Let’s tap into the space you need to care for yourself, what is feeling heavy, where you feel lite up and what is left to do to hold space for yourself to have your best year yet. This will be the first beach breathwork of 2020 and I hope you’ll join us!

What is Breathwork :: 

Breathwork is a 2-step active breathing technique that moves stagnant energy in the body. This practice can leave you feeling open and more ready to step into life as your authentic, natural self. If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve written an article about Breathwork here:

*All Beach Breathwork circle’s are subject to weather. 

What to bring:

– yourself, and your open mind

– a yoga mat if you have one (this helps with sand if it’s wet from morning dew or winter storms)

– TWO blankets (one to lay on and one for over you)

– Dress comfortably