Be Your Own Healer – Virtual Reiki I & II Certification (July)

about this event

We are in this very transformative and pivotal time that determines our roads ahead. When you listen to your heart and that inner voice of yours, the universe will reward you in ways you cannot foresee. Trust that newer and more authentic aspects of yourself are emerging. Be open to receiving the support, guidance, and assistance that you need to manifest the legacy of light that shines through you now.

While I would love to meet each and every one of you in person, I know that the power of reiki surpasses time and space, and it will be just as powerful and sacred. Let’s use this time to come together and allow the collective energy of this community we create together, to connect us to the source of life and light. Your gift and participation are needed more than ever.

During this 2-day online reiki course, you will learn the extraordinary power of energy healing to heal and transform. I will share everything that goes into my healing session and explain why I do things the way I do. Whether you want to start seeing clients or not, reiki will be one of the most valuable investments you can add to tool belt.

Reiki 1 Certification:

Get attuned and receive reiki symbols to become a channeler for this universal life force energy. After reiki 1 certification, you will be able to start giving reiki to yourself and others. Learn the extraordinary power of reiki to heal and connect to your mind, body and spirit.

Reiki 2 Certification:

You will learn how to perform distant reiki to people and past/present situations. Reiki 2 certification allows you to start seeing clients as a reiki practitioner.

What’s offered here that is not found in other courses:

-A guaranteed spot to audition to join my team as a reiki healer in March 2021. Once passing the audition, your information will be listed on my website where my clients can book a session with you

-A very intimate virtual class where you can receive all the support as if you are attending the course in-person

-Learn how to give yourself and others an oracle medicine card reading. I will mail you an oracle card deck for you to keep so you can continue to practice at home.

-Breath work and meditation exercises you can take home, practice and teach

Hae’s Bio: At a young age, Hae realized she had the gift of insight to see patterns in life and ability to naturally pick up on people’s thoughts and needs. Growing up, a total of seven strangers came up to her to tell her they saw a special aura with her. Not yet understanding these powers, she learned to ignore them until she had to go through a healing journey herself in her early 20’s and became a reiki master.

Since that time Hae has dedicated her life to being a healer and holding space for people who need more clarity, happiness and success in their lives. Hae incorporates a combination of her innate gifts and wisdom to offer a wholesome healing experience that balances the mind, body and spirit. On top of reiki, she incorporates visualization meditation, yoga stretches, breath work exercises, earseeds, and medicine cards in her work. Hae works with clients from all over the world, as she can send distant healing and hold the space for clients no matter the distance between them.

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