Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis

about this event

We will cover Knowledge of Prakruti, Vikruti and Organ pulse (18hr)

Nadi Parikshanam aka Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis is one of the most ancient and advanced techniques for determining the overall health of an individual. It is the subjective experience of the qualities (gunas) felt physically and intuitively that allows us to tap into the subtle energetic pathways of the body. Nadi connects us to the resonate sounds of the Soul. Through lecture, personal application and pulse exercises with your classmates we will facilitate that mystical ability that allows you to assess physical, mental and emotional health. Weather you are new to pulse or an experienced partitioner you will gain enthusiasm, share techniques and deepen your understanding of Nadi Parikshanam. 

Open to all health practitioners, licensed massage therapists, aromatherapists, homeopaths, practitioners of Oriental medicine, Yoga instructors, Yoga therapists, and everyone wishing to heal and focus on the self and/or to harness and ignite his or her own potential as a healer.