Awakening Through Grief 6 Week Virtual Yoga Therapy Program

about this event

 Our Awakening Through Grief 6 Week Yoga Therapy Program is a powerful introduction to the essential components of our somatic-based approach to grieving in the collective.  On a global scale, we are experiencing grief of all kinds and being called to slow down and look within to access our resiliency and inner wisdom. The program offers an intimate, safe container for emotions to be felt, expressed, shared and healed. 

Our signature method guides participants through a process of self-inquiry to not only move through their fears, anxieties and the challenges of isolation but to heal old wounds and experience greater understanding of their purpose and path. Through the support of our virtual community and proven yoga therapy practices, participants will learn how to be present with themselves at a time when the future is unknown and discover new parts of themselves as they change and grow through this unprecedented time in our lives. 

In our yoga therapy program, participants will: 

  • Learn to observe where you are holding emotions in your body and to witness the sensations, thoughts, and feelings that you are experiencing without judgment.
  • Learn to be a witness for yourself and each other, leading to greater vulnerability and authentic sharing.
  • Learn how to be present with yourself, even when it is painful.
  • Explore the relationship between your thoughts, emotions, spirit and physical bodies, creating a learning community in which grief of all kinds serves as a catalyst for personal growth and integral transformation.