Awaken Your Creative Underworld

about this event

There are many COSMIC things happening in May like the New Moon in Gemini and the following planets retrograding: Pluto, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter. This is an opportunity for us to journey into our personal underworld and awaken the creative forces within.

Intention: To awaken creative exchange in a rEVOLutionary way inside our underworld.

Also because…

⁃ To EVOLve
⁃ To connect locally and globally
⁃ To live a happier life
⁃ To unlock creativity
⁃ To share purpose
⁃ To co-create
⁃ To be magnetic

What To Expect:

Laura will guide us through a Sacral Chakra meditation to awaken our creative life force. The Sacral Chakra is the energy center that governs creative energy, sexual energies (feminine and masculine), desires, emotions, and abundance.

Our Co-Creator: Morgan Rae will be guiding us deep into our inner underworlds to sit with the side of us that often is feared. In this space, we will utilize these untapped resources to co-create a new resource – a money mandala – our own currency.

Suggested Playlist While You Create

Supplies to have on hand:

  • Blank paper – The color of your choice
  • Round plate smaller than the size of paper
  • Scissors
  • Drawing tools:
    ⁃ colorful markers
    ⁃ colored pencils
    ⁃ colorful pens
  • Optional:
    ⁃ Watercolors
    ⁃ Ruler
    ⁃ Digital mediums
    *We highly recommend using what you already have, but if you feel called to purchase new, we recommend the following :
    Markers: USA and AUS

    Colored Pencils

    Watercolor Pencils