Awaken Sound Journey

about this event

Step through the doors into another dimension.

Join Sofía Elena, Soul Coach + Energy Healer; Founder of Mindful Bliss Tribe for a our Awakem Sound Journey ✨

An energetically shifting evening where you will be guided through a relaxing sound journey with guided meditation ending with an emotional mastery mini session.

We will begin with a sound journey to clear energy blocks, brain fog, and emotional distress. You will be immersed with the vibrational frequencies through the use of pure quartz crystal singing bowls and other vibrational sound modalities that will serve as a catalyst to deeply penetrate and break up any stagnant, old + negative energy. Through the immersive sound journey you will be shifted into the Theta state in your brain – this is where intense healing occurs – your most relaxed state without actually being asleep.

Think of this like a massage on a cellular level. Feel yourself vibrate and come back into alignment with your true self, feel a sense of peace joy flow through and into your life. Through the sound wave journey, you will raise your vibration, align your chakras and expand your consciousness, unconditional love and sense of oneness. Clearing your energy and re-aligning your chakras will assist in aligning/remembering your soul’s true purpose as you will feel more grounded and gain more clarity.

Location: 303 South Westland Ave Tampa FL 33606

Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot by May 25, 2023 through VENMO @thesofiaelena to save on fees (if you book through here you will pay a small fee).

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Text or Call: 727-758-2223


See what others are saying from past journeys:

“As soon as I walked in in to her studio, I felt a sense of calmness and positive energy. The whole meditation experience was grandiose and magical with many beautiful sounds. I felt very refreshed with lots of energy.”

“I went in stressed with a migraine, a bit on edge about life in general, but walked out as light as a feather! I still feel like I’m on Cloud 11.”

“I connected with my Spirit Guides, the feeling was so intense.”

“Absolutely amazing! I didn’t know what to expect -I had so many visions come to me…”

“I’m telling everyone about this! Amazing!”

“I feel so light, so at peace.”

“It’s like getting high – without actually getting high”

“unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever experienced before.”