Awaken Self Love: Reiki Infused Ceremonial Sound Bath x Reflexology

about this event

Join Take Care LIVE from our Venice sanctuary for a Reiki infused ceremonial Sound Bath and Reflexology workshop to welcome ourselves into our hearts through healing touch, sound & community.

Receive love from the collective through three healing modalities that help release fear, trauma and tension & bring balance and harmony to our overall well-being.

In person tickets include: our Stainless Steel Reflexology Detector wand, a gut healing broth tasting followed by healthful sweet treats handmade with love, and a chance to commune one on one with each of our healers.

As our gift to you, a complimentary Facial Reflexology tutorial where you will learn techniques to support the aftercare of your experience delivered directly to your inbox post event. This is good for all skin types and conditions.

Only 10 In Person Tickets are available

Virtual tickets include a LIVE streaming of the full event experience via Zoom and the complimentary Facial Reflexology tutorial to support the aftercare of your experience.

Your Intuitive guide in sound will be Dorothea Barth Jorgensen with Reiki energy healer for Take Care, Becca Edmondson; and Sonia Vargas, Holistic Esthetician, Sculptural Lifting and Buccal Facial Massage Specialist and Educator for Take Care, the Venice sanctuary of balanced healing and meditation.

DOROTHEA BARTH-JORGENSEN is an Intuitive guide in Breathwork, Sound medicine & self inquiry. Her lifelong awareness and fascination with Creation and Consciousness led her to explore several healing modalities with some of the world’s leading masters in non-duality, breathwork, & the art of sound healing. Early on, Dorothea was recognized as a quiet yet deeply intuitive artist & healer. Her natural childhood giftings were nurtured in the countryside of Järna, Sweden, the center of the anthroposophical movement & biodiverse farming within Scandinavia. Today, Dorothea holistically embodies and beautifully balances her warrior-spirit approach with an embodied feminine sensitivity, anchored in her undeniable love for humanity and the awakening of the true self. She holds a conscious space for her clients to go deeper into recognizing their own loving presence.

SONIA VARGAS is a licensed Esthetician specializing in holistic practices. She is certified in Sculptural Lifting Technique Buccal Facial Massage. She also has certifications in Vodder Manual Lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage, and facial reflexology. Sonia believes that working with the body’s many systems can help heal and improve many conditions relating to the skin. She has a calming touch and loves connecting with each and every client. Sonia’s signature facial utilizes a range of modalities customized for each clients skin, determined in the beginning of each session. Sonia offers microcurrent, acne treatment, sculptural lifting/buccal, TMJ massage, manual lymphatic drainage, & facial reflexology.

BECCA EDMONDSON is a Certified Holistic Health and Abundant Mindset Coach, Reiki Energy Healer & Small Batch Food Alchemist based out of Venice Beach, CA. She teaches women how to change their relationship to nutrition and fall in love with a body love— even when it seems impossible by 1.) revealing the mindset shifts you need to create the food freedom, lifestyle, and relationship you desire. 2.) coaching one on one to get to the root of your fractured relationships and reprogram new health habits where you are supported every step of the way. And 3.) Using her intuitive gifts to find sources of trapped trauma and open up the energetic body to receive healing. She believes that having a powerful relationship with yourself can change every relationship in your life.