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Want to discover some practical tools to re-write your story and shift out of beliefs and habits of thought that no longer serve you or the life you want to live? Ready to expand upon your relationship with your Higher Power from the inside-out?

Come meet Josephine Sheppard and learn about her story that inspired the creation of the “Live in A.A.W.E.” approach and writing the book, HSP – Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective!



Join us to explore what it means to expand your perspective and allow love and self-awareness to be a means to personal empowerment! Josephine will share what inspired her work, read an excerpt from her book, share a demonstration of one of the exercises that’s helped to re-write her story for the better. Let her sharing inspire you on your life journey, while providing practical applications and relatable, real-life experience. Copies of her book will be available for purchase and she’ll be happy to do a book signing during this visit!

Josephine is a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher and Natural Health Consultant, with a PhD in Religious Counseling. She has had advanced training in Kundalini Healing, Mantra Yoga, Mindfulness, Guided Imagery and Visualization that she uses to effectively guide and educate her clients for positive change within themselves and with their Higher Power.

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