Aura Photography

about this event

Professionally photographed AURA PORTRAITS, displaying the beautiful colors in each individual’s unique electromagnetic field, otherwise known as their aura!

Appointments available only on Saturday, September 26th, 2020: 12pm-5:00 pm

*Once your ticket has been purchased, please forward your receipt (along with your preferred time window) to to book your time slot and confirm your spot.*

Victoria Tiley and Chris Carlone of Sixth Sense Energy Imaging are thrilled to bring back their unique blend of aura photography and energy readings to Anima Mundi.

There will be two packages offered …

Aura Photobooth:

Receive your magical AURA PHOTO (a physical and digital copy) plus a five minute interpretation of your photo.


Third Eye package:

Receive the ability to view your beautiful auric body and connect with your body’s energetic systems with a professional full-color aura portrait and 23-page aura, chakra and personality analysis, including graphs and visual energy imaging. This is a 15-minute session including an extended consultation with our energy experts with personalized recommendations for improved balance and harmony in your chakras and energetic body.


We are mindful of maintaining social distancing, enforcing mask wearing (until your photo is taken), and sanitizing our equipment after each guest.



Victoria is a practicing Shamanic Reiki Master, Past Life Hypnotherapist and Certified Crystal Healer living in Brooklyn, NY. She received her Masters Degree in Education and holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Literature from UT Austin. Victoria has always been passionate about understanding and bettering the lives of others and healing the planet. For the past 20 years she has worked as a behavioral and developmental therapist supporting children with autism and other developmental delays and their families. Through this work she has gained compassion and a deep understanding of human behavior and how to support those in need.

Victoria is grateful and inspired to be able to provide healing to others now through the world of energy and spirit and to deepen her understanding of the world as energy and of the human as a body of light. Victoria uses reiki, shamanic practices, hypnotherapy, sound and crystal healing, and color and aroma therapy to delve deeply into the realms of energy and regularly performs auric clearings, chakra balancing and past life journeys to support healing on a karmic level.


Chris is a Professional Photographer and Videographer who also manages Bed Stuy Acupuncture and Massage Therapy in Brooklyn. Chris has been offering the transformative benefits of reiki at the BedStuy clinic for over 2 years. In his energy work, Chris infuses reiki with Shamanic practices to support clients in clearing, balancing and strengthening their auras and chakras to bring about increased energy, clarity and peace of mind. Chris continues to be inspired by Shamanic traditions, is an active participant in local shamanic communities, and looks forward to completing his Shamanic Reiki Mastership with One Spirit Alliance in the spring. Chris completed his End of Life Doula Training program with INELDA (International End of Life Doula Association) last summer and currently volunteers with Hospice of New York, where he finds deep satisfaction in providing personal hospice care to those in need. Additionally, Chris is an accomplished and prolific musician, performer and visual artist with a portfolio spanning 30 years. Chris is thrilled to begin the venture of Sixth Sense with his life partner Victoria Tiley and to help others become more aware of their own energy while supporting them to become healthier and more balanced.

To learn more about Victoria and Chris please visit their site