Ascension Soundbath

about this event

Join us for our Ascension Sound Meditation, a deeply healing and rejuvenating experience.

Where: RA MA East 1746 West Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90018*

Cost: $25 in advance/ $30 day of event*

You will first be transported into a shamanic experience for deep grounding and purging through the sound of ancient drums, gongs, tribal chants, rattles, didgeridoo and overtone singing. You will then be immersed into a multi layered sound of singing bowls (crystal quartz and tibetan), 432 Hz tuned synthesizers followed by celestial operatic infused vocals taking you on a journey through the heavens, creating a heightened sense of deep love. You will be left in a deep state of relaxation, rejuvenation, nurtured and empowered.

What are the benefits of a Sound Meditation:

-Alleviates anxiety, stress, physical and emotional pain

-Improves clarity and concentration

-Relieves Insomnia and physical pain

-Dissolves depression and emotional trauma

-It promotes an increased state of empathy, compassion and love toward the self and others.

-It is a tool for self-exploration, consciousness expanding, self-maintenance, self-therapy and self-healing.

-Supports a stronger immune system and emotional well-being

-432Hz is the natural harmonic resonance of the earth frequency that is known to heighten perceptions increase intuition.

We highly recommend that you bring pillows and blankets for your comfort during this sound meditation experience.