AS I AM: 3 Day Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation Intensive

about this event

AS I AM is Eben Oroz’s no-holds-barred yoga program. This is AS I AM number 15 and we’re honored to be hosted by the beautiful Gaia Villa, February 17-20, 2022 in Joshua Tree, California. 

The value of this retreat is in its commitment to practice rather than leisure. It’s the only way to experience the potential of meditation and yoga.

Eben’s been practicing yoga for a decade and has a Masters degree in clinical psychology. This weekend is an embodied re-organizing of the psyche, heart, and body. It’s a fusion of traditional techniques and modern explanaitions.

PLUS, Chef Kuniko, Eben’s longtime friend, international restauranteur, and Top Chef Alumni will be cooking for us over the weekend. 

The General Program:

Morning Meditations: Through lectures, skill-specific training, and guided meditations you’ll learn to recognize, stabilize, and then command the four primary functions of your mind. 

Afternoon Breathing Workshops: To increase your lung capacity, diaphragm strength, and sensitivity to body sensations you’ll learn a set of traditional breathing techniques that progress from simple to advanced. 

Evening Rituals: The mystical experience of yoga is a state of awe that comes by feeling life as infinite and unknowable. The evening meditations are special activities that provoke awe. 

Asana/Postures: The retreat uses one sequence that targets the spine and hips to specifically support meditation. Breathwork is also tied into the postures to provide a real sense of “prana” or yogic power in the body.