Archetype Activation: Your Authentic Code to Clarity and Confidence

about this event


When we begin to work with our own archetypal constellations, we gain a concrete map for our own journey, the challenges and potential we can expect along the way.

Join Joanna Baron for this experiential workshop where we’ll learn about archetypes, archetypal journeys, and how they connect us to our soul’s reservoir of deep wisdom and illuminate our path in this incarnation.

The class will include teachings, breathwork meditation, writing, and discussion.

Learn your Archetype

We are not aligned with just one Archetype, just like we don’t have just one emotion. 

When we embrace and embody the archetypes that are authentic to us, magic happens! 

When you work with the unique archetypes you can . . .

  • Actualize our gifts and go after what we really want
  • Get clarity and purpose for your life
  • Transform past hurts, so you can move forward
  • Connect to a higher vibration within ourselves

Love for Joanna Baron

“Joanna creates a spiritual orchestra that is alchemical and transformative. Since I began working with her, I cleared lifelong trauma, finished a screenplay that I’d been working on for years, and feel utterly transformed.”— Sandra Battaglini, award-winning comedian, and writer, Toronto

“Historically I hit internal resistance to success, especially as it relates to actualizing my business dreams. Working with Joanna taught me that I have tremendous gifts to offer others. Now I know my true identity and am taking the long view about my legacy. I have profound clarity going forward.” — Elizabeth Ewanchuk, founder, Haseya She Rises

In this workshop, you will . . .

→ Get clarity on your soul’s blueprint, which will lend depth and structure to your life and career or business’ current trajectory

→ Identify which myths and archetypes will be useful for you to amplify through your current juncture

→ Experience the mystical clarity of Breathwork and non-ordinary states of consciousness to get answers from your deep inner knowing


Our Guide

>> Joanna Baron is the founder of the Baroness Institute, a luxury mystery school, and magical leadership institute. 

Joanna helps people crystallize their inner genius and bring their legacy to life using archetypes, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and shadow alchemy. 

People who work with her regularly report experiencing high magic, creativity, synchronicity, magnetism, and increased wealth.

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