An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

about this event

Much more than a calming exercise for the mind, mindfulness practice can be a very deep and powerful practice to connect you to your inner landscape on a much deeper level. This is a life long exploration and path to self discovery and inevitably freedom from our own self destructive patterns, habits, and the self that we attach to. These practices are a rich way to explore the mind itself and your relationship to everything in and around you.

How do you show up to your life on a more meaningful level? How do you bring a pause into your day or remember to notice that important moment that is happening right now? Mindfulness is a practice that can offer a connection to life that isn’t always easy to tap into. It is also a way to help you slow down.

We are all trained to dismiss the moments that are the most meaningful. We check our phones, multi-task, and forget to listen to what others are telling us. We have learned to stay busy, distract ourselves with tasks, we choose things that occupy our time over things that we enjoy. But what we are all craving is a deeper connection that we forget or don’t know how to give ourselves.

In this introduction Jennifer Cox will be giving you a larger understanding of how you can use mindfulness throughout your day no matter how hectic or busy your life is. Mindfulness can be a meditation practice and it can also be a way of experiencing every moment. Moment to moment. Step by step. It’s a way to drop into a deeper awareness and a way to practice self acceptance and surrender. Mindfulness is a way to show up, slow down, and build an intimate relationship with everything around you.