ALO Mindful Masters: Secrets Behind the Zodiac

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Join Tulsi Bagnoli M.A. for an evening of Vedic astrology and meditation. You’ll learn about the 27 lunar mansions behind the Zodiac and how to develop your intuition through an elevating meditation practice.

Hidden beneath the 12 signs of the Zodiac are the 27 constellations or Nakshatras. While the Zodiac is based on the yearly cycle of the sun, the Nakshatras are based on the monthly rhythm of the moon. Together we will explore the life patterns and themes that are revealed through these asterism, that each have their own unique mythology, character traits, deity, health correlations and lessons that are the keys to understanding how to utilize Vedic Astrology in our daily lives.


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Tulsi Bagnoli M.A. is a second generation Vedic Astrologer and meditation teacher who has been practicing yoga and meditation since the age of four and teaching professionally for the past 15 years. After a lifetime of being immersed in Vedic Astrology, Tulsi’s great passion and curiosity for this sacred science has led her to dive deeper with numerous mentors, classes and trainings, including study with her Father, who has been an international Jyotishi for the past 34 years. E-RYT-500.