Across Generations | An Evening of Wisdom and Beauty

about this event

For millennia, humans gathered around bonfires to hear and tell stories. On certain occasions, they were joined by a special guest. An elder would graciously take part in the conversation, sharing captivating stories and their perspective on the challenges and joys of the time.

With their panoramic view of reality, the elder would not offer their personal stories as entertainment only, but as a deeper understanding of the arc of human life. As inspiration, guidance and, when needed, solace for other generations. Younger people around the bonfire would share their own personal journeys and see them through the lens of the elder’s wisdom.

Across Generations recreates that experience for our modern times.

Join us for an evening of intimate reflection and conversations with a true elder of our times.


You will be part of a celebration of the wisdom that comes from a self-examined life.

Our guest will share life experiences, stories of struggle and stories of achievements, their emotional journey through it all and what they learned from it. Participants will have the opportunity to ask them questions and engage in an insightful exchange of ideas.

The 90-min experience will be complemented by artists who will share their music, poetry and immersive meditative journeys with participants.



Salomon Rettig was born in Berlin in 1923. From his early days as a young Jewish boy, he was directly impacted by Hitler’s rise to power, the dehumanization of German Jews and the Nazis’ increasing political stronghold. It would be hard to invent a story as dramatic as that of his childhood.

When his mother could no longer care for him, he was sent to an orphanage at age 10. He fled Nazi Germany at age 13 to British Mandate Palestine, spent 10 years working in a communal kibbutz until he finally made his way to the United States, finding refuge in a new land with new promises.

He completed his education, earning a PhD, and embarked on a career as a professor of social psychology just as the United States entered a historic, post-war period of rapid, unprecedented economic growth. He found purpose in teaching young minds and a sense of home – for the first time in his life – in the prosperity and possibility of America.

To hear Sal’s stories is a rare opportunity to hear a remarkable piece of history. His journey is one towards the recognition of his own worth and true value. And it’s a deep teaching on the importance of empathy and caring for one another – a message particularly relevant in present times, when divisiveness and intolerance seem to define the current state of America.

His is a journey of healing, to be carried out not solely by him, but by all of us.

You can read more about his life in his latest published book What a Life: From Nazi Germany via Neo-Marxism to American Academia, and in the touching foreword to the book, written by his son, Lane Rettig.



To make this event accessible to all, it is a conscious-donation-based event and free for those who need be.

In the spirit of reciprocity, we encourage participants to contribute with whichever amount they feel comfortable with.