Access Energetic Facelift Class

about this event

Access Energetic Facelift™ is a gentle yet dynamic hands-on body process that can deepen and quicken the body’s natural healing capacities while undoing the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body. Access Facelift is a non-invasive, non-surgical, hands-on technique free of creams, injections and chemicals of any kind.

Access Consciousness® is a set of life-changing tools, techniques, and processes designed to empower you to create the life you desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, it provides step-by-step processes to facilitate you in being more conscious in everyday life and eliminates all the barriers you have put up to receiving.

Learning Access Energetic Facelift is open to everyone!

During this one-day class, you will learn some Access Consciousness tools and the Access Energetic Facelift. You will participate in gifting two Facelift sessions and receiving two Facelift sessions. Upon class completion you will be a certified Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner.

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