Accelerated Healing: A Transformative Practice

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“It’s a powerful process of letting go of toxic energies within you and allowing the impact of divine thoughts, words, deeds, and actions. It results in complete freedom from the past!” – Therapy Foundation

Break energetic ties and find healing in forgiveness!

Learn an advanced clearing practice that will free you from subconscious limiting beliefs, and cultural programming and support you in being the best, truest, most loving version of yourself.

Join Kelly Ryan for an incredible meditation workshop!

Specializing in meditation and mental well-being online, Kelly’s mission is to make meditation simple and accessible to everyone.

This workshop will provide you with tools and the space to go within so you can unleash your amazing potential and love your life.

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After just 90 minutes, you’ll finally understand…

  • How to break energetic ties
  • Freedom from subconscious limiting beliefs and cultural programming
  • How to find healing in forgiveness
  • How to be your authentic loving self!

Our Guide 🥰

Kelly Ryan went from a chronically ill, stressed-out corporate worker to a calm and centered mindset coach, meditation teacher, energy healer, breathwork facilitator, and transformational speaker.

Now she teaches people all over the world how they can step beyond past limitations, overcome anxiety, connect to calm, consciously create their best life, and truly heal and thrive on every level!

👀 Here’s what people are saying about working with Kelly

“I’ve noticed a huge difference implementing these tools, and I replay them all of the time! I can’t recommend Kelly enough” -Christina

“The insight I gained through this process were actionable and life-changing” – Molly

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