Abundance Ritual for 2022 with Barbara Biziou

about this event

It’s a new year and full of potential to realize abundance in our lives and for our world. Which is why we’re so excited to have Barbara Biziou guide us through a powerful abundance ritual to unlock the wealth of what’s possible for us in 2022! 
Barbara Bizou has guided thousands of individuals through powerful rituals that create healing, unlock possibilities, and invite more depth and richness of life in all forms. 

Join us for a special ritual where we:

  • Connect with other women in the Plenty Community to set intentions for the year 
  • Build and expand the gratitude we are expressing to invite in a deeper level of abundance 
  • Move through a powerful ritual together to welcome in all the richness available for us in 2022 in the form of relationships, money, opportunities and more 

About Barbara:

Barbara is a Transformational Vision Coach, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher specializing in Ancient Rituals, Readings, Energy Clearing, Spiritual Realignment, Igniting Intuition, Manifesting Purpose, Corporate Wellness.

As a transformational vision coach, spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker, Barbara inspires your growth and positive change.

Blending ancient spiritual rituals with emotional intelligence and strategic communication skills, Barbara instructs, empowers and motivates her clients to achieve higher levels of meaningful success.

Her two published books, The Joy of Ritual and The Joy of Family Rituals seamlessly integrate old world modalities, modern psychology and neuroscience, providing a roadmap for everyday life.

A former television and fashion executive, Barbara left her corporate career to share the wisdom she amassed from decades of global studies with gurus, spiritual masters and her own dedicated practice.