A Prayer For Samhain

about this event


Join me and my dear sister Mischa Varmuza for an online women’s temple circle, offered celebration of Samhain (also known as Halloween, which falls on October 31). In the Celtic calendar, this is a celebration of New Year ~ honouring the harvest of what has come before and the descent into the darkness as we cycle towards Winter and the deep retreat that awaits. It is the point in the compass of the wheel of the year where the veils are thin, the ancestors close. Together we will anchor in sisterhood as we honour not only this holy day but the potency of this time aboard our planet as a collective. This is a safe and sacred space in which to share, receive and be held together in loving and compassionate sisterhood. 

As we leave behind all that has come to its cycle of fullness this year, and honour that which is still unfolding in the deep transformation of these times, we invite you to join us in anchoring together in body, breath, ritual and intention. Now is the time to gather, now is the time to share, now is the time to keep showing up amid the divine chaos of it all.

The circle will last two and a half hours and incorporate meditation, mantra, gentle movement, ritual, sharing and spacious sisterhood. We welcome all of you with open hearts.

We will record the circle and share the zoom link afterwards for those unable to join us live. 

“So grateful to gather in circle with other sisters in ritual around the world today, held by Xochi and Mischa. Mantra, breath, movement, releasing, weaving in intention… I’m grateful and moved by the potency of shared space also online and across oceans with attunement and presence” – Janelle

“For me, Xochi and Mischa together embody the sacred attributes of a potent and divine feminine lineage. Their rituals awaken our innate feminine power and sustain the healing of our collective and personal wounding. I am grateful to have experienced a blessed gathering of women in the safe space of magical and divine holding that they so masterfully create…” – Kristen

“Mischa and Xochi have come together in a symbiotic marriage of their individual gifts as space holders to create a strong container for the work of healing the divine feminine. They possess a true authenticity in their offering that is able to lovingly and gently hold, witness and help to offer release that which no longer serves.” Laura