A Portal to Productivity using Play + Pleasure

about this event

This workshop is for high achievers who want to get unstuck, take themselves less seriously, and move forward in flow.

You’ll also learn about the neuroscience of procrastination; Why we do it, What happens in the body/mind/spirit when we do, and how to move through it without overworking yourself.

We’ll break down the benefits and the challenges of play, and how to slowly begin incorporating it into your day.

“PROSPER in your purpose work by making Play and Simplicity a Priority” -Chrissy Marie

Your Purpose Work

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the difference between Conventional Productivity and Revolutionary Productivity.

You’ll also learn how to bring a sense of humor to the shadow of procrastination in a revolutionary way called “Shadow Play.”

This is the art of not taking yourself so SERIOUSLY and turning your purpose work into a Playground so that you can liberate your loops of self-sabotage and show up powerful and productive in your life.

Love for Chrissy ❤︎

“The way that Chrissy works is so liberating and light and the energy she works with can take you to another level. I can finally OWN my psychic abilities and really believe and trust in them. I’m able to do things I never thought possible in my shamanic practice! I’m trusting in the trajectory of my life for the first time rather than needing the accomplishment to know my worth.” — Clare J – Psychic Shamanic Medium

“I’ve started owning my magic as a healer and taking on clients, I’ve gotten invited onto 3 podcasts, and my current relationships are all getting deeper and more authentic. Now I have the ability to laugh at myself and not be so SERIOUS about things…If you had asked me two years ago if I saw myself here, I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about. I’d tell you you’re crazy. And here I am, happier than I’ve ever been.”— Alyssa Meizoso, Jewelry Artist, Bio-Dynamic Resonance Practitioner, Mermaid Magician

In this free workshop, you will . . .

∞ Shift from funk to flow much more ease-fully and efficiently

∞ Increase productivity around what matters most

∞ Experience more presence, fun, and appreciation around their tasks

Our Guide

>> Chrissy Marie is a trauma-informed Embodiment Practitioner, Energy Medicine and Advanced Spiral Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, founder of the Art of Aliveness Podcast, and lover of crude humor and steering wheel dance parties.

She comes alive helping heart-centered and ambitious practitioners slow down, grow up their inner people-pleaser, take themselves way less seriously, and prosper in their purpose work by making Play and Simplicity a Priority.

Your Host

>> Jenner Linden | A Creative Mentor + Founder of The Wild Ones – a community of over 14K humans++ created to expand your awareness of what’s truly possible. Featuring trusted experts, transformative tools, and free virtual workshops that you can access anywhere in the world.

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