A Letter To The Universe Gathering

about this event

Come join in community with Spiritual Female Entrepreneurs,Atrisans and Thought Leaders

for Free.


 We have wonderful,speakers,healers are set to help you feel your best. Feeling stressed or a bit anxious @DrTranquilityLydia is your MC who will be popping in with Axiety busting stress hacks that leave you stress free in 30 second or less to Ayurvedic Rose-Sandalwood facials by a practitioner who worked at Red Door & was Director of Operations for MY Palace Hotel Spa 

Supriya Madden. Tarot, Teas & Steams , Numerology,Astrology .Angel Cards & Health Screenings all here as we com together in community. 20 min chats on womens healing & wellness mentally & physically. To a fascinating talk about a journey of a woman to find inner peace and live life with intention when your busy 

by the author of A Letter To The Universe Alphie Russo and much more like Revolution Or perhaps enegetic face lift … literally using energy for a lovely lift. sponsored by @LFTD_infusedtea