A Journey into Breathwork

about this event

The Experience of Life Through your Breath
Let’s Manifest all our dreams for 2020
More Joy – Peace – Satisfaction – Better Sex, Money, Better quality of life
Experiment by yourself

Beautiful folks! I invite you to join us for this first amazing Breathwork workshop of the year to set intentions and the frequency of 2020 that you will create! By Breathing into your desires, you will learn how to broadcast a frequency that is in alignment with your wishes and deepest purpose. Let’s make 2020 EPIC

Breathwork is a powerful healing modality, accessible by everyone. This transformational practice has a profound ability to heal and connect us, simply by using our breath. It is a powerful form of active meditation done laying on your back breathing to music. This 3-stage breath (inhale/inhale/exhale) all through to the mouth enables you to access a non-ordinary state of consciousness by turning down the higher cognitive functions of the brain.

Benefits available

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve blood pressure and the alkalinity of your blood (related to stress levels)
  • Heal unresolved experiences, emotions, and trauma stored in the body
  • Release patterns and stories that no longer serve you
  • Boost your intuition and spiritual evolution
  • Safe way to achieve an expanded state of consciousness
  • Heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Clarity, peace, calm, flow, love, and so much more..

With these parts of the brain turned down, other parts of the brain that typically lie dormant are activated. This gives rise to creative insights, breakthroughs and transformation. Breathwork enables you to to see and feel your life from a higher perspective, similar to the way psychedelics work. When you integrate this valuable information back into your life after the session is complete, you transform.

Breathwork creates a deep flow state that can feel as though you are in a waking dream, opening you to a higher state of consciousness and a deeper, clearer, connection to self. Through this breath, stress and fear melt away leaving you in a state of peace and ecstasy. Without fear present, we feel love, joy and gratitude.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket(s), water. Please don’t eat a big breakfast prior, and wear comfortable clothes. Be mindful about consuming drugs or alcohol prior as it can dull or limit the experience.

About Ben:

Ben shifted 7 years ago when the Human Design System came to him and started an alchemist path.He started to breathe correctly and shared this powerful medicine. From Firefighter to a member of the French SAS’s elite Parachute Special Forces Regiment, Ben went through anger to peace. His experiences became the catalyst for a great change. Anger, violence, heartbreak and the deaths of friends showed him the limits of his chosen lifestyle – one of self-hatred, conflict, frustration and purposeless.