7 Conscious Dances

about this event

The 7 Dances is a high energy chakra based conscious dance that brings our awareness to the energetic systems governing the Self, to allow whatever is going on inside of us to dance its way into clarity. The 7 Dances are:
The Dance of Grounding – root chakra
The Dance of Flow – sacral chakra
The Dance of Power – solar plexus chakra
The Dance of Gratitude – heart chakra
The Dance of Truth – throat chakra
The Dance of Vision – 3rd eye chakra
The Dance of Sacredness – crown chakra

The Dance of Grounding is a ritualistic warm up sequence that will unite the energy of the space while grounding us in repetition. From there we will move into the Dance of Flow, where free movement begins and will continue through the other 5 dances. Curated dance music, by DJ Danny Dolan, will align with each chakra while facilitator Cameron Cash offers occasional guided intention to keep the dance space focused and conscious.
October 11th is National Coming Out Day and the theme for this conscious dance will be “Unmasking our Authenticity.”

Wear clothes to move in, and potentially something dry to change into. The ritual will begin promptly at 8pm, doors will open at 7:30.