60 Minute Conscious Connected Breathwork

about this event

 We’ll use Conscious Connected Breath (a specific breathing technique which I’ll walk you through) to enter a relaxed state of consciousness. In this state it’s possible to access deep healing, release trapped emotions, experience enhanced creativity & intuition. The journey can be physical, spiritual, and/or emotional; alternately you may just have a nourishing and relaxing self-care break.

A Breathing Patterns Breathwork Journey is a safe and gentle process that encourages the exploration and release of emotions. It is suitable for almost all people, you will be in control of how deep you choose to go at all times.

What to expect

  • This 60 minute workshop which will include:
    • An introduction to Conscious Connected Breath
    • A guided mindfulness practice 
    • A guided conscious breathwork session (~30 minutes)
    • Space for integration and sharing


Workshop to be held via zoom, link to be provided 24 hours prior to start.

  • Please refrain from eating a heavy meal before- we will be taking deep breaths which may upset a full stomach
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • To get the most benefit out of this practice please select a space where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the session. You may want to set up a space to lie down such as on a yoga mat, carpet, couch, or bed. I would also suggest keeping anything you’d want for comfort nearby- a pillow, bolster, blanket, some water or tissues. Headphones can be helpful for blocking out external noise. 
  • You may wish to keep a journal to write down any thoughts that come up during or after the workshop.

Cost and Registration

  • There are different payment options available for this workshop, including a free ticket. Please select what’s most in alignment for you at the moment. 
  • It is required that you fill out the registration form and waiver in order to participate

Important Note

This workshop is open to everyone 18 years or older. 

Please be aware that these practices are powerful and can bring emotions to the surface. This is a safe space for expression and anything expressed by a member of the community should be treated as sacred. We ask that you do not repeat or share any personal experiences which may come up during the practice. Sharing is not required but is absolutely welcome and may help to deepen your experience. This workshop will take place virtually, a recording may be made of the speaker during the breathwork portion of the event but the speaker will be pinned so as not to capture any other participants. 

It is NOT recommended that you do Conscious Connected Breathwork if you have heart or blood pressure problems, have a history of psychosis or severe mental illness, or have epilepsy, glaucoma, detached retina or have undergone surgery within the past 8 weeks. Caution should also be used for anyone in early or delicate pregnancy. If any of these conditions apply to you I would still welcome you to participate- an alternate breathing technique will be given for anyone who wishes to use it.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at Julia@breathing-patterns.com

About the facilitator

Julia is a NYC-based yoga instructor/construction nerd/plant enthusiast currently undergoing breathwork facilitator training with Breathing Space. Her passion lies in teaching others how to use innate tools such as the breath to work through emotions, get in touch with their bodies, and so much more. Julia currently teaches yoga, pranayama & meditation to private clients and will be offering group and corporate sessions starting in 2023! You can find out more about her or get in touch at breathing-patterns.com 

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