5 Element Immersive Retreat: Meditation, Qi Gong and the Way of Tea

about this event

In this one-week immersion, we will explore the five elements as a path of self-cultivation, collective cultivation, and healing. Drawing from the Taoist tradition, this exploration includes a deep dive into the Way of Tea, Qi Gong, and Nature-based practices. We’ll also explore meditation, food and herbs, and trekking to extraordinary locations for training in the Way of the Rope, Qi Gong, Taoist practice and ceremonial work. Facilitators include Colin Hudon, Yamin Chehin, Na’ama Givoni, and Baelyn Elspeth.

The focus of the retreat is connecting with the elements in ourselves and Nature. We’ll be learning the 8 Treasures Qi Gong form as taught in the Ni Family Lineage.

The afternoon will include free time to explore the astounding natural beauty of the Telluride valley including local hot springs, waterfalls, caves, hiking and mountain biking. 

Acupuncture, herbal and dietary consultations, and body work will also be available during the free time. 

In the late afternoon and evenings, we’ll come back together for further practice.

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Retreat participants can expect to walk away with foundational mindfulness and wellness practices that will enrich and empower their lives, and provide for an essential foundation in the Way of Tea, Qi Gong, meditation and Taoist Practice. Further, we will develop life-long friendships with like-minded, wonderful people.


Dates: August 22nd – August 28th 2021

Location: Telluride, Colorado

(Based out of Mountain Gate Teahouse and Art Gallery)

Food:  Dinner Specially Prepared. Complementary breakfast at Victorian inn.

Five-element Seasonal Cooking, Food as Medicine, Discussion on local harvesting, sustainability and herbalism

Lodging: Victorian Inn.

Mushroom Festival takes place from August 18- 22nd for those who wish to arrive in Telluride early.

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