40 Days to Stress Release (Virtual Course)

about this event

Stress is caused by a number of factors, stemming from outside environments, internal or external daily situations, childhood traumas and much more. It’s not natural for the human body to hold on to stress for too long. We’ve all experienced what stress can do to both the mind and the body.

Join Onkar and Hari for 40 Days of Stress Release beginning on Jan. 16. 40 days of Ayurvedic practices to help you release stress both from within and around you. We’ll use Ayurveda wisdom along with Kundalini Yoga Meditation to address the stress, face it, and then release it and let it go. This meditation helps us to release stress, deal with difficult relationships, family issues and unresolved emotional issues from our pasts. From my experience of doing this meditation, it deeply relaxes you and is very enjoyable.

40 Days of Stress Release Includes:

  • Guided videos for the meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic stress release practices.
  • Two to four live group calls with Onkar and Hari that include meditation, community connection and check-ins.
  • 40 days of uplifting affirmations and inspiration delivered into your email inbox daily.
  • A private facebook group for connecting with other course members, creating community.

Our goal here is not to be perfect or super human, but simply to learn how to live with trust, compassion and relaxation. These are all positive elements that are built into every human being, and it is your right to be able to call upon them at every moment of the day.