40 Day Rituals Presents: Calling In Divine Love 14 Day Immersion

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Join us as we embark on a 14-day journey to discover what divine love truly means to us. 

In these 14 Days we will use some light yoga and deep meditation to uncover and experience our souls union. As we connect on a deeper level within ourselves, we deepen the experience of Divine Love within. This connection helps us recognize the love we truly desire in others and attracts the right people into our lives. This can look like calling in our soulmate, our twin flame, friendships, work colleagues or more aligned community. 

Healing our traumas and misconceptions around love creates space for us to attract our divine sacred partnerships in all ways. This space allows us to create a vibratory link that calls in the relationships that fulfill the love we desire to be, the love we wish to receive and the love we’re inspired to give.


  • Lite yoga
  • Deep meditation and pranayama 
  • 3 live checkins and group meditation 
  • Daily inspiration 
  • Daily journaling prompts 
  • Group heart healing 

Create the space for a sacred union within yourself, so that you can call in the divine relationships your soul desires. 

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