21 DAY SUPER STAR CLEANSE with Rainbeau Mars

about this event


We invite you to join us on our 21 Day Super Star Cleanse
June 2nd – June 23rd!

Lets nourish and revitalize our beings and bodies as a tool to tap into our most creative selves!

What’s good for us is good for the planet!

Course Includes:
+ Interactive Lives and Q and A
+ 3 Webinars and Support from Inspiring Guest Speakers
+ Fun Recipes
+ Weekly Menu Guides
+ Daily Inspiration and Support!
+ Innovative Beauty/Fitness Practices

What People are Saying:
I’m so revitalized and strong! Eating delicious foods and getting more fit. I’m glowing and radiant. Thank you Rainbeau!
—Elizabeth G.

I need less sleep, I am finally off coffee, I lost fifteen pounds and I will never go back – I am in forever ‐I cant wait to share to lead my friends and families on the same thing. Keep up the good work!
—Melissa H.

It is such a great guideline for teaching people how to be healthy not just with food but also with life. I have learned so much from it and I will continue to follow it. Thank you Rainbeau for giving us this great gift of health and life.

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