2023 Predictions Astrology, Human Design, Intuitive Energy +Playing Cards

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 We can agree the past couple of years have been a massive upheaval that’s left us wondering,

but…“What the F**% is next?” Is this intense energy going to continue into 2023 or will we get a little break from the madness?

Understanding the energy of 2023 will support you in getting the most out of the new year.

We’ll peer into the future together, set goals aligned with our energies, and prepare to get the most out of 2023

You’ll get answers to all your questions and more during our live panel discussion. Our experts will reveal their predictions on what they see happening in 2023 so you can start planning accordingly.

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Look ahead with 4 predictive tools…

+ Astrology: looking to the stars and planetary alignments in 2023 to establish the themes of the year.

+ Intuitive Energy: These readings provide clarity about your top questions for 2023

+ Playing Card Predictions: reveals a deeper meaning of upcoming events

+ Human Design: supporting our ability to see patterns and potential outcomes to guide us

You’ll be able to effortlessly reach your goals no matter if they are focused on starting a new business, losing weight, or starting a daily meditation.

Understanding these energies is a vital step. in understanding *why is this happening to me* Some people think that the future is set in stone, but that’s not the case!

There might be specific currents running through the year . . . but not everyone will experience them in the same way.

We’ll help you connect with your own intuition so you can feel confident in your intentions.

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